We stock a large range of herbs all year round . Varieties may change based on availability and season. We do however tend to have the most common and sought after varieties all year round such as Parsley, Basil, Mint, Thyme, Oregano and Chives. Most of our herbs are in 140mm pots but some are available in 6 cell punnets and larger 180mm pots.

Growing herbs is a great way to introduce your children to gardening. They can be grown in the ground, in pots or raised portable gardens. They are easy and fun to grow. Planting and watching them grow to maturity then harvesting is quite rewarding for everyone.

We are lucky here in SE Queensland to have around 300 days of sunshine a year. This makes it ideal to grow a huge variety of Herbs.

Herbs can be grown in pots, raised portable garden systems or if you’re lucky enough to have the space, directly in the ground.
So before you get started, you will need to choose a location that receives at least 4-5 hours sun per day. Coriander is the exception to this in Summer where it can bolt to seed very quickly if it has too much sun.
If planting in the ground prepare the soil by digging through some organic matter such as Searles “5 in 1” pellets or loose compost. Rake to make level and water.
Add a layer of “Lucerne” or “Sugar Cane” mulch to protect the soil from drying out and forming a hard crust. The mulch acts like a blanket to keep the soil from drying out in the Summer and keeps the soil warm in the Winter. It also helps the tender seedling roots from getting too hot and drying out, as well as suppressing any weed growth. The mulch should be about 5cm thick and will add nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. You will need to top it up about every 6 months.
Make sure to water the mulch straight away, to keep it in place and stop it from blowing away.
When you have decided on what herbs you want to plant, push the mulch aside and plant with the highest growers to the back and shortest to the front to maximize sun exposure, this is more important if your pots or garden is up against a fence. Once planted gently push the mulch back around the base of your seedlings.
Water them in well with “Seasol” seaweed solution, this will help with transplant shock and stimulate new root growth.

If you plan to grow your herbs in pots or a raised portable garden trolley you will need to follow everything that has been mentioned but choose a premium quality potting mix, not garden soil. Premium potting mixes contain fertiliser, water crystals and a wetting agent.
We stock 3 premium potting mixes that are suitable for vegetables – Searles Professional mix, Searles Organic potting mix and Searles Herb and Vegetable mix.
Water your new seedlings every two days depending on the rainfall. Plants grown in containers will need more water than ground grown plants as the pots tend to dry out faster. Depending on the size of the pots, the smaller they are the faster they will dry out.
Most herbs are very fast growing and short lived (annuals) so they prefer constant feeding. Ideally feed every 2 weeks with an organic based fertiliser such as “Powerfeed” by Seasol .
“Powerfeed” is like a liquid compost that you dilute with water in your watering can and apply directly over the foliage and soil.
At Ross Evans we stock all the products mentioned to get you started with your Vegetable Garden.
A lot of herbs are seasonal and may only be available at certain times of the year, some of the herbs that we generally have available all year round in our nurseries are

-Mint, Parsley(Italian and Afro), Chives, Thyme (Culinary, Lemon and Pizza), Basil (Sweet, All year, Thai and Purple), Oregano, Sage and Oregano


Please note: Many plants on our website are seasonal and may not be available all year round. Please contact your nearest store to check current availability
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