Gardenia Florida

Gardenia Florida

Gardenia augusta florida.


A popular compact bushy shrub growing to around 1m x1m.

It has beautiful dark green glossy leaves with highly fragrant, large, creamy white flowers that appear late Spring to Summer.

Gardenias prefer a slightly acidic , moist but well drained soil in a semi shaded position, ideally with protection from the hot westerly afternoon sun.

They have a shallow root system so mulching is a must to keep them happy.

Gardenia Florida can be used as a formal hedge, as a gap filler in garden beds or as a potted specimen.

If in the ground, feed at the start of Spring and Summer with a slow release fertiliser especially formulated for Gardenias, or if in a pot liquid feed on a monthly basis to keep them looking their best.

Lightly prune after flowering to keep their shape.

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