Gardenia Magnifica

Gardenia Magnifica

Gardenia augusta magnifica.

Gardenia magnilica is a taller growing variety of Gardenia growing approximately 1.5-2m in height and 1-1.5m wide.

They have large dark green glossy leaves and can be used as a hedge, in a pot or mass planted to enjoy the prefume from the flowers. Gardenias like a more acidic soil so test the soil in your garden before planting or buy a specific planting mix for Gardenias.

They are shallow rooted  so will not cause problems underground. Being shallow rooted a good layer of mulch is ideal.

Gardenia Magnifica has beautiful creamy white fragrant flowers and will spot flower through the warmer months so a slow release fertiliser for Gardenias is ideal at the start of Spring.

Keep a look out for scale insect and spray with white oil if present.

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