Grevillea "Robyn Gordon"

Grevillea “Robyn Gordon”

Small, spreading, evergreen shrub with pinkish-red flowers appearing most of the year. Bird attracting. Prefers full sun and is frost and drought tolerant

Height 1 – 1.5m, Width 2m.


Plant Growing Tips

Where to Grow

Grevillea "Robyn Gordon" thrives in well-drained soils and full sun positions. It prefers a spot where root disturbance is minimal. Avoid planting in areas with heavy clay or waterlogged soils to prevent root rot. It is an excellent choice for native gardens, garden borders, or as a feature plant. This plant also works well as an informal hedge and attracts native birds with its bright red flowers.


This Grevillea variety is well-suited to Australia's varied climates. It can handle a range of temperatures but will thrive best in areas that do not experience severe frosts. In frost-prone areas, providing some protection or planting in a more sheltered position is recommended.


Grevillea "Robyn Gordon" prefers moderate humidity levels. It can tolerate dry conditions once established, making it suitable for many Australian regions. Ensure the plant has good air circulation to prevent fungal diseases, which can occur in overly humid environments.

Soil Type

For optimal growth, plant in well-drained soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. Grevilleas do not thrive in soils with high pH levels or those that are overly fertile. Adding organic mulch can help retain moisture and maintain a cool root environment, but keep mulch away from the plant's stem to avoid stem rot.

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