Fraser Island Apple

Fraser Island Apple

Acronychia Imperforata

The Fraser Island Apple is a hardy evergreen waterwise plant that can be used as a hedge for screening or makes an ideal specimen tree.

Produces cream coloured edible fruit with a juicy sharp grapefruit taste. Full sun to part shade position.

Tolerates coastal planting and will reach 5-6 m when mature.


Plant Growing Tips

Where to Grow

Fraser Island Apple, also known as Acronychia imperforata, thrives in full sun to part shade. It is well-suited for coastal planting and can be used as a hedge or specimen tree in gardens. This hardy evergreen plant can reach a height of 5-6 meters when mature and is ideal for creating privacy screens or as a focal point in a landscape.


This plant is adapted to the subtropical climates found along the eastern coast of Australia, from New South Wales to northern Queensland. It is tolerant of the varying temperatures in these regions, making it a robust choice for Australian gardens.


Fraser Island Apple prefers environments with moderate to high humidity, typical of its natural rainforest habitat. Ensuring the plant remains well-mulched and moist, especially during the warmer months, will help it thrive.

Soil Type

For optimal growth, plant Fraser Island Apple in well-drained soil. It is adaptable to a range of soil types but performs best in soils that retain some moisture without becoming waterlogged. Adding organic matter to the soil can improve its structure and fertility, providing the best conditions for the plant.

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