Totem climbers

Totem climbers

Climbing and trailing plants look fabulous creeping up a totem support pole. They give a lush, tropical look and feel to a room and are easy to care for.

Here at Ross Evans Garden Centre we carry numerous varieties of climbing plants supported by totems that are grown here onsite in our production area.

These plants include – Golden Pothos (devils Ivy), Monstera Adonsonii (swiss cheese plant), Philodendron Silver sword, Philodendron Cordatum (heart leaf), Philodendron Brazil, Monstera El Salvador, Philodendron Panduriforme and Rhaphidophora Tertrasperma(mini monstera)and Philodendron Laciniatum. They are generally available in 200mm and 330mm and 400mm pots.

These plants all have very similar requirements. They prefer a warm brightly lit room with natural light or a shady position outside. They are not frost tolerant as they all originate from tropical or sub-tropical regions

Give them thorough watering once a week but do not let them sit in water.

With a few of these around the house you will have a indoor jungle in no time!

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