Pothos or Devils Ivy

Pothos or Devils Ivy

Epipremnum ,also know as Golden Pothos or Devils Ivy is one of the easiest house plants to grow.

It is a vigorous climbing plant with waxy heart shaped leaves and comes in a number of different colours and variagations ,with the most common being green with splashes of yellow.

It will grow in almost every  light situation inside a home except hot direct sun. More yellow colouring will be present in a bright situation

You can grow Pothos in a hanging basket, up a totem or stake or simply taking a cutting and grow in a vase or glass of water .

Regular light watering during spring and summer is preferred but dont over water during cooler months.

Pothos grow quite quickly so a regular light prune will keep it looking good.

PLEASE NOTE – Some plants showcased on our website are seasonal or in short supply and may not be available all year round.


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