Westringia "Zena"

Westringia “Zena”

Westringia fruticosa.

Westringia “Zena” is a dwarf Westringia with dense grey/green foliage.
This small native shrub will grow to approximately 90cm high in a naturally rounded shape.
During spring through Summer this hardy little shrub produces pale mauve to white flowers.
Ideal for hedging, rockeries, pots and low borders.
Zena will grow best in full sun to part shade, prune well after flowering.
Will tolerate light frosts and periods of drought.

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Plant Growing Tips

Where to Grow

Westringia "Zena" thrives in full sun to part shade. It is well-suited for coastal and exposed areas, making it an excellent choice for coastal gardens, low hedges, and native garden borders. This hardy shrub can also be planted in a large pot, offering versatility for various garden settings.


Westringia "Zena" is tolerant of a wide range of temperatures once established. It can withstand light frosts and thrives in the temperate climates found throughout Australia.


This plant is adaptable to different humidity levels, making it suitable for both coastal and inland regions. Its resilience to varying humidity conditions makes it a low-maintenance option for many gardeners.

Soil Type

For optimal growth, plant Westringia "Zena" in free-draining soil enriched with organic matter. While it is a hardy shrub suited to most conditions, ensuring the soil is well-draining will support its health and growth. Mulching and watering well after planting help establish the plant, but it requires little water once settled.

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