Little Dugald (Metrosideros collina)

Little Dugald (Metrosideros collina)

Little Dugald is a great plant for a low to medium sized hedge, growing between 1-2m high x 1m wide.

It is an extremely versatile shrub that can withstand a light frost, is wind and salt tolerant (making it ideal for exposed coastal situations), can be grown in full sun or part shade and is drought tolerant once established.

Little Dugald produces masses of bright red flowers toward the end of Spring right through to the end of Summer which provide plenty of nectar for the local native birds.

The dense foliage also provides shelter for small native birds.

Little Dugald is generally pest and disease free. Prune lightly after flowering to keep maintain it’s shape and compact growth.

An application of slow release fertiliser at the start of Spring will encourage new growth and guarantee flowers at the end of Spring.

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