Magnolia grandiflora "Teddy Bear"

Magnolia grandiflora "Teddy Bear"

Teddy Bear is a very compact large shrub with an upright growth habit. It will reach up to 4m in height and up to 2m in width, although this will take up to 10 years.

Magnolia Taddy Bear has beautiful dark green glossy leaves with a heavy covering of brown soft felt on the underside.

As the teddy Bear is slow growing it will take 3-4 years before bearing flowers which are present throughout Summer and Autumn. These fragrant flowers are white and  can grow 15-20cm in diameter, making a spectacular display

Magnolia Teddy Bear will flower and grow its best when in the ground or a large pot ( use premium potting mix) and placed in a full sun or part shade position. Mulch when planting and fertilise in Spring and again in Summer. If in a pot , liquid feed monthly during the warmer months to ensure maximum growth.

They make a lovely specimen plant or hedge.

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