Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Adenium obesum.

Desert Rose “Adenium Obesum ”

The desert rose is a beautiful and interesting looking plant native to East Africa and Madagascar.

It has a bulbous water holding stem ideal for pots in a warm sunny position. They are a great Bonsai plant.

The most common colours available are red, pink, white and a two toned pink and white.

They prefer full sun in a warm position and will be deciduous  or semi deciduous below 15 C, so ideally should be brought inside or left near a warm brick wall in the winter to retain there leaves.

Water and fertilise regularly during spring and Summer then reduce dramatically during winter to about once every three weeks.

Desert roses can be propagated from fresh seed and should be re-potted every couple of years to a pot slightly bigger than the last.

Adenium can be susceptible to mealy bug ,which can be controlled with a pest oil or Imidacloprid insecticide .

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