Bagged Garden Supplies

Bagged Garden Supplies

We carry a large range of bagged garden supplies , including

Premium potting mix – Regular potting mix – Organic potting mix – Garden soil – Organic Compost – Seed raising mix – Gravel – Sand – Scoria – Fertiliser – Lawn food – Organic garden fertiliser – Lime – Blood & Bone – Gypsum and Dolomite.

Plus a range of specialised potting mixes including Bonsai, Orchid, Herb & Vege, Terrarium, Succulent & Cacti, Native, African Violet, Rose & Citrus, Azalea & Camellia.

Mulches  – Tea-tree, Pine bark, Cypress, Lucerne and Sugar cane mulch.



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  • Social distancing measures must be followed.
  • Visiting them is permitted under QLD Government Covid-19 restrictions.
  • The “reasonable travel” rule supports local shopping.